"Photography is the beauty of life captured."

Berkshire based photography capturing life, love & beautiful brands.



British photographer, dedicated to capturing timeless, classic images.


Specialising in lifestyle, brand, entertainment & portrait photography, from capturing intimate moments to showcasing your brand, Sophie produces prestigious content that illustrates your subject exceptionally. Some of her private clients include global actors and musicians, fashion designers, prestigious artists and international brands.

"Steering away from the airbrushed 'perfection' that has become the norm, I look for those moments of natural beauty. Those to me are perfection. Candid shots of laughter and life, understated elegance, the magic in the moment. I aspire to show honesty in my images and am inspired by the ethereal, film like quality of photos from the past."

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"There is an unmeasurable distance between having a creative idea and bringing it into the world. But turning a dream into a reality is what Sophie does best. Her eye, attention to detail, and most importantly, her passion saw something that I didn’t even know could exist for my music. She captured its soul, the crux in any medium. These aren’t merely photographs and paintings, they are life as you’ve always wanted to know it."

Paul Childers - Musician

"Oh my word Sophie, what an amazing job. I love the photos so much. Everyone had such a wonderful time and the photos really reflect that. On the night you were so professional, so softly around us. They are just perfect, thank you so much."

René Townsend